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By completing, submitting and confirming your information, you will be registered in our system. For your next login, you will only enter your User Name(Email) and Password. In you will have an overview of the transactions already made, their status and other useful information. We consider all your information to be confidential and will only be used in our system.

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The identity document is the basis for the client's identity verification. And it is needed both for personal meetings and online registration. The document is a confirmation of your identity. Your identification is a guarantee that you are actually dealing with us and not someone else.


Customer service is available every weekday from 09:00 to 17:00. You can contact us in two ways: via chat on or via email


Initial public coin offering (IPCO) is a certified process of initial public offering of tokens where an established company offers its tokens to potential investors. The goal of IPCO is to raise capital for further development of the company. Detailed information on the IPCO process can be found in the XIXOIO White Paper.


Cryptocurrency tokens are entities existing on blockchain (decentralized, shared database). Unlike the cryptocurrencies themselves, they do not have their own blockchain, they act as associated units of an existing cryptocurrency. Typical examples are tokens existing on the Ethereum platform, which allows anyone to create their own tokens. Ethereum tokens (such as tokens by standard ERC-20 - the XIX token is among them) are held on Ethereum addresses and are supported by an ecosystem of well-established wallets, including hardware wallets (Trezor, Ledger). When sending Ethereum tokens, you need a small amount of cryptocurrency ether (ETH) to pay the transaction fee.

Token XIX

XIX is a security token based on the ERC-20 cryptocurrency standard. The purpose of the token is to raise funds through the IPCO process.


XIX Token and others are safely deposited and managed at XIXOIO. To store tokens, XIXOIO uses the Token Pool service, which can be compared to a vault.

Token Pool

Secure, bulk blockchain token storage. This service is available free of charge to our clients.


Tokenization is a process whereby corporate commitments are transferred to tokens. These tokens can be bought by investors and subsequently traded on the secondary market (exchange), or exchanged for other cryptoactives.


XIXOIO is an ecosystem for cryptoactives, bank and fintech solutions using blockchain capabilities. The main goal is to provide companies with a comprehensive solution for raising capital. To achieve this, XIXOIO creates certified tokenization process - an initial public coin offering (IPCO).

Tokenability / Transferability to XIX

Tokens will be transferable on the launch date of XIXFIX.

About XIXOIO company

XIXOIO Ltd. was established in 2017. XIXOIO platform is being built by its subsidiary XIXOIO a.s., based in Prague. As of October 2018, the XIXOIO Group has 53 people working in the Czech Republic.